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Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh Parts
Wide Format Printer Parts


small damper HS001 Damper

Epson DX3/DX4 Head
big damper HS002 Big Damper with Large Filter

Epson DX3 / DX4 Head

big damper

HS003 Big Damper with Large Filter & Resize Adapter

Epson DX3 / DX4 Head

jv5 damper HS004 JV5 Damper
large damper

HS005 Large Damper

Epson DX3 / DX4 Head

VJ damper

HS006 Mutoh ValueJet Damper

Mutoh ValueJet 1204/1604E/1604W/2606


HS007 Roland Ink Pump Tube & Connector

Roland VP540/XJ640/XC540

HS008 Mutoh Ink Pump Tube

Mutoh ValueJet 1204/1604E/1604W/2606

epson dx4 solvent head adapter HS009 Epson DX4 Head-Adapter
data cable HS010 Data Cable

1# Mimaki--21pin--23cm
2# Roland--21pin--35cm
3# Mutoh--21pin--40cm
jv5 data cable HS011 JV5 Data Cable

4# Mimaki JV5--31pin--35.6cm--double line
Mutoh ValueJet 1604E/1204/2606/RJ900C
Cap_Top with Iron Sheet and Transparent Tube

HS012 Cap_Top

with Iron Sheet and Transparent Tube

Mimaki JV3/Roland SJ ProII

Cap_Top with Foam Sheet and Black Tube

HS013 Cap_Top

with Foam Sheet and Black Tube

Mimaki JV4/Mutoh

JV5 / JV33 Cap_Top HS014 JV5 / JV33 Cap_Top
Piezo Machine Pump HS015 Eco-solvent Ink Pump
Roland, Mimaki JV3 / JV33 / JV5, Mutoh Rockhopper II
wiper HS016 Wiper

Piezo Solvent Plotter, like Mimaki/Roland/Mutoh
Wipper_Rubber HS017 JV5 / JV33 Wiper
White Pump Tube

HS018 White water based Tube

2*4mm white water based tube


Transparent Pump Tube

HS019 Transparent solvent resistant Tube

2*4mm transparent solvent resistant tube


roland Blade, mimaki blade, mutoh blade HS020 Blade

1# : 24cm For Roland
2# : 20cm For Mimaki
3# : 18.5cm For Mutoh
220ML HS021 220ML Refill Cartridge
440ML HS022 440ML Refill Cartridge
Stick HS023 Stick

All Plotter
Paper for Clean Head HS024 Paper for Clean Head

All Plotter
Permanent Chip

HS025 Permanent Chip

Mimaki JV3/JV33/JV5
Roland Plotter

xaar head HS026 Xaar Head

Xaar 126 / 128 / 382/ 500 Head
konica head

HS027 Konica Head

Konica KM 512- 14PL / 42 PL Head

Konica KM 256- 14PL / 42 PL Head

spectra head

HS028 Spectra Head

Spectra 128 / Nova 256 / Galaxy 256

seiko head HS029 Seiko Head

Seiko SPT255 / 510 35PL
dx4 solvent HS030 Epson DX4 Solvent based Head
dx4 water

HS031 Epson DX4 Water based Head

3pcs packing/unit


HS032 Epson DX5 Head

Mimaki JV5 / JV33 / Mutoh Valuejet

sp540 main board HS033 Roland SP540 Main Board

Roland FJ540 / 740 Power Board

HS034 Roland FJ540 / 740 Power Board

epson dx4 solvent based head HS035 Roland SP540/300V Servo Board
FJ740 Head Board

HS036 Roland FJ740 Head Board

FJ740 I/F Board HS037 Roland FJ740 Network I/F Board
JV4 I/O Board HS038 Mimaki JV4 I/O Board
JV4 1394IEEE Board HS039 Mimaki JV4 1394IEEE Board
JV4 Slider Board

HS040 Mimaki JV4 Slider Board

RJ8000 Slider Board

HS041 Mutoh RJ8000 Slider Board

SP300 Print Carriage Board HS042 Roland SP300 Print Carriage Board
FJ / SJ Scan Motor HS043 Roland FJ / SJ Scan Motor
300/540 Scan Motor

HS044 Roland SP300/540 Scan Motor

JV4 Y-Axis Motor

HS045 Mimaki JV4 Y-Axis Motor

SP300/540 Assy. Feed Motor HS046 Roland SP300/540 Feed Motor
JV4 Pump Motor HS047 Mimaki JV4 Pump Motor
FJ500/600 Pump Motor HS048 Roland FJ500/600 Pump Motor
Ink Pump HS049 Roland Newest Eco-solvent Ink Pump
Encoder Strip HS050 Encoder Strip

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