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dye ink, pigment ink

Water based Dye & Pigment Inks for

Mutoh Falcon RJ6100 / RJ8000 / RJ8100
Roland Hi-Fi jet FJ500 / FJ600, Cammjet CJ400 / CJ500
Mimaki JV2 / JV4

Epson Stylus Pro series printer
DesignJet 5000 / 5500 / Z2100 / Z6100
Encad Novajet 500 / 600 / 750 / 850, Novajet1000i
Canon W6400/W8400, IPF5000/IPF8000/IPF9000





500ml / bottle, 1000ml / bottle


Color Range

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta


Products profile:

Our water base Ink is high quality that was designed for any various digital printers and match with any kinds of media well, it can satisfy professional use and indoor & outdoor pictures maked. All adopt America- import raw materials, the reliable quality that it is steady to guarantee the ink.
We Offer many kinds of schemes of matching colors to you, can reproduce extremely wide color gamut and lifelike color, the natural complexion that various is green, fine and smooth in the forest, the meticulous metallic luster is ready to appear, give the expression of your picture beyond imagination.

Ink Characteristic:

1. Wide color gamut, vivid, nature and high climate-resistant, have the excellent impression, suitable for specialized printing;

2. Super precision filter, it can be 0.2um, and it is benefit for your printhead to use long time, besides, it also can help you do more work and get the pictures that you anticipate;

3. It can support many kinds of software of RIP, and the technicians offer you some files of ICC, which meet your needs of various consuming materials;

4. When printing, it can keep the printing head clean, and have the best time for drying;

5. Through the test of the UV, it suggests that they are more ultraviolet light-resistant and can keep long time outdoor in the same area and the same environment when printing;

6. They are no smell and no poison, and no harm for your body, environmentally friendly, which can let you work in the comfortable environment

7. They are high quality and reasonable prices, which can help you get more order.


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